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Offering a variety of consulting services, RNYCollab is able to assist companies with project management, market research projects, geographic analysis, as well as customer intelligence. We have an experienced and talented team of in-house analysts that thrive in high pressure environments and work to meet tight deadlines, while ensuring the highest quality results.

A full service analytics company, RNYCollab also offers a full range of services including recruitment and staffing solutions, and consulting. We love making lasting connections between reputable companies and skilled individuals who complement their values. Selecting the right position with the right company is integral, and we pride ourselves on our history of successful matches.

We thrive off helping businesses and individuals alike reach their full potential, by using our comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in the field of analytics.


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With over 10 years of experience, RNYCOLLAB offers quality work to our clients, regardless of project size or scope. Our business consulting and analytics services will give insight into how you may further develop your company, and continue to grow in the future. With the expertise of our staff and dedication to our clients, businesses that depend upon RNYCOLLAB to carry out their analytics needs can be confident that their projects will be taken care of in a timely manner, and completed to meet the highest quality standard.

RNYCOLLAB has established itself as a full-service analytics company that is committed to assisting companies from startups to Fortune 500 corporations to reach their project deliverables. We also offer a variety of business consulting services including:

  • Project Management

    Guaranteed to complete your projects on time and on budget

    • Improve productivity
    • Make processes more efficient
    • Appropriate allocation of resources
    • Process assessment and proper project design to optimally meet your needs within your means
  • Market Research

    Provide invaluable insight to better market your products

    • Formulate a business strategy to suit your needs
    • Macro and Micro analysis
    • Apply robust optimization and logistic regression models for:
      ○ Direct mail campaigns
      ○ Retail targeting
      ○ Product profiling
  • Geographic Analysis

    Add a spatial component for your business needs

    • Retail cannibalization modeling
    • Geo-spatial profiling
    • Visual segmentation and clustering analysis
    • Route logistics
    • Trade zone analytics
  • Customer Intelligence

    Get to know your customers better and get a competitive edge on your competition

    • Robust neural network models to gather indepth insight into current and potential customers
    • Logistic regression models for customer profiling
    • CRM database modeling
    • Data cleansing, standardization and optimization
    • Optimized ETL processes to assemble relational data
  • Custom Analytics and Research

    Have a business challenge or idea but don't know how to go about solving it. Well you have come to the right place.

    • Whether a task is big or small we would review it and find the best solution for your needs
    • Data extrapolation
    • Advanced analytics and modeling
    • Web analytics
    • Advanced audio and video processing
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Offering recruitment and staffing with a passion for analytics, RNYCOLLAB has become a primary source for new and experienced analysts to find their path to success. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, and work to find the perfect candidate to meet all of their qualifications. Likewise, we spend time getting to know our applicants so that we are able to place them in a position in which we know they will succeed. By attributing our undivided attention to the field of analytics, we have become proficient in assessing opportunities and finding the right fit, every time.

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